Fabrication Process

In the Beginning


All of our creations begin in sheet or reel form in a variety of gauges. We keep our scrap from each project, including the filing dust, which can then be melted down using our acetylene torch and start the process of building over again. 



Forging is one of the oldest metal working processes and typically results in increased strength. We use an array of tools to forge the metal. From hammers, anvils, dapping sets, and dies to blocks to wood and clamps. Different types of hammering and tools enable us to give the sterling its own texture and unique shape.

Soldering and Annealing


As the sterling begins to take form, it hardens from forging. Annealing (softening) the metal, returns the metal to a more workable state and allows us to continue changing the form. We also use different size torches to solder pieces together.

Files, Stamps and Saws


Depending on the desired outcome, files, stamps and saws can be used at the start of a project to get a general shape. Also, to put the final touches and fine details into a project. 

Rolling Mill


The rolling mill is one of our most used pieces of equipment. We create patterns using steel plates and various natural materials, roll sheets, flatten wire and return the metal to its original state after metling our scraps.

Feather Making


Our specialty is feather making. We are constantly perfecting the outcome 

About Us



Each work of art is meticulously and individually built at our workbench. When you purchase from us, be confident that you are expressing exactly that. 


Cultivating Life Long Relationships

 We design and build with quality you can depend on. Silversmithing runs deep in our roots and has become a family tradition. We are the 3rd generation and the 4th is in training. Whether its your first or tenth purchase, we consider you a part of our family. 


Our Promise

We pride ourselves on the quality of our jewelry and we want you to feel that same pride when wearing it. We promise each design is durable and created with honesty and respect for the art of metal working and family. We are committed to lifelong relationships.

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