Flashy Rainbow Moonstone Pendant

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Measures Approximately: 1.5 Inches

 Our handmade sterling silver and high karat gold jewelry is one of a kind and crafted with care. Our silversmiths meticulously build each of their creations with artistry and skill, ensuring that you get a beautiful creation.

Our unique, handmade pieces are perfect for those who value the unique things in life. Each is individually built, so they naturally vary in size and shape, and are made in small batches for a one-of-a-kind expression. 

We hand-pick each cabochon, stone, and precious gem used in our works of art, rarely finding or wanting to find two identical. Expect the stone we use in your unique piece of jewelry to have its own characters and vary slightly from the one pictured.

Our CHAINS and pendants are sold separately.  Search "chain" at the top of the page to see what hand-made chains we have available for purchase. We randomly alternate between hand-made clasps and commercial lobster clasps - please reach out if you have a specific preference. If you'd like more guidance, please send us a note and we are more than happy to help. We do charge by the inch for all chain links, bracelets included. We come from a long line of chainmakers and are proud to carry on the tradition. Our chains are all hand-made. 

We are real humans - wielding hammers, striking dies, lighting torches, forming the metal, creating each piece, building and working directly with the metal by hand. Please contact us to inquire about customer orders and re-creations of out of stock items. If your special occasion is fast approaching; message us for a "rush order" quote.

For BRACELET SIZING: measure the circumference of your wrist using a string, then hold the string up to a measuring tape. Remember that number; this is your "Wrist Circumference". Side Notes: Cuff bracelets: We build these to have between 1 inch and 1.5 inch gap and we design chain link bracelets to be .5 an inch to 1 inch longer than your wrist circumference. We suggest measuring to ensure your investment fits as they are designed to by using the above guidelines.

We hand fabricate unique precious metal jewelry. Our fine silver, sterling silver, argentium, high karat gold, and metals such as copper, brass, and bronze are perfect for creating unique and eye-catching pieces of art.